You can do this any time of the year.
This is an opportunity for the whole church, regardless of age, to get involved in mission.
Mission is part and parcel of the day to day life of church.  The very nature of church is to be a missional community reaching out to those around them.  As with other focussed times of mission like our TOGETHER week, it is good to set aside time where we can participate in mission together.
There is a presentation that can be used to share the GET OUT OF CHURCH SUNDAY idea with the church.  There is also the ideas page on this site that can help you decide what you may want to do.  If you are still stuck please get in touch with us here.
 That’s really up to each church. An important part of the build up to this will be looking to see what new mission opportunities are available in your context and then considering how the church might serve best in these areas. Setting aside a Sunday in October when you have perhaps just a very short time of corporate worship then ‘get out of church’ & visit residential homes, prayer walk, lead Messy Church somewhere new or do some community work. The focus should be on doing something creative and different –  it’s better to do one thing well rather than trying to do too much.

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